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Manaaki Movement
Embodiment Education 

Embody your authentic expression 

Manaaki is a Māori word that represents supporting and caring. Movement is our way of being in the world. Together Manaaki Movement represents our vision to move through the world with care.

As the saying goes “If you want to change the world…start with yourself”.

That is why I'm grateful you're here and excited for the future we are all co-creating together.

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Guided by Jade Whaanga,
Founder & Director at Nū Collective

I created Manaaki Movement - Embodiment Education to help people who may be struggling to connect with their bodies. As a Dance practitioner of 15 years, I've been fortunate to learn and experience A LOT when it comes to connecting with the body, overcoming external conditions or stories and learning how to express authentically. 


Free Embodied Guide

This guide includes 3 ways to check in with your body (healthy practices for anyone at any stage in their embodiment journey) AND reflection journal prompts.


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