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A New Era: Wave of Online Arts During Pandemic

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

2020 was set to be a huge year for arts and cultural events, and it still will be... just not as we had imagined. In the wake of this challenging time we are being asked to stay home as much as possible. What does this mean for our creatives? Well the current events are so in our faces being on the news, every platform of social media, and the topic that comes up in most conversations today.

So while the situation looks gloomy we can see some silver linings:

1) Mother Earth is healing from reduced pollution.

2) We are being forced to slow down, and while many of us struggle to do this it's important to allow ourselves time to reflect and recharge. All the ideas and small projects we put on the back burner we now have time for. Space and time to write down ideas, play, create in your own home.

3) Online artistic offerings have begun sprouting from all over the globe. It's exciting to see the different ways creatives are making offerings to communities. We need to stay connected during these times of isolation. So let's dance together through the inter-webs.

What will the wave of online content mean for us? I'm excited to see how online content will develop with more artists providing online services. I'm sure we will see an increase in quality and demand. Creatives will be gaining more experience creating art to be experienced online. However once things have settled down with the pandemic will the high volumes of online creative content continue or take a dip? How will these online demands effect live performances months even years down the track? Regardless there is groundbreaking times ahead for art, as we see communities come together in a new way.

Want to get involved? Check out Dancing Earth's Facebook page where they have details for Online Movement Workshops. Including workshops by Rulan Tangen, Ciera Budge, Christine Friday and Natalie Aceves-Ghezzi; offering sessions with a range of dance, yoga, training, feminine empowerment and more. Be sure to check out Nu Collective's social media for updates on more online events and video content.


FB- @DancingEarthCreations IG-

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